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Fernanda Maciel

Ultra Runner

Born in Brazil, now living in the Spanish Pyrenees, Fernanda is a highly respected endurance runner with a deep passion for protecting the environment and helping people in need. Running allows her to enjoy the silence of nature, to discover new places, and to explore sensations and emotions she cannot otherwise experience in daily life. But she is also determined to make a positive impact on the places she visits and likes her runs to carry strong social or environmental messages.




Hometown: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Homebase: Coll De Nargo, Spain
Biggest dream: To be a positive role model for runners.
How do I focus: I observe the moment.
Best advice: "The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give it away."
What inspires you? The silence and also our huge and simple mother Earth: one little detail is a big detail.
Words to live by: "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
Favourite other fitness exercise: Road cycling
I don’t leave home without my… The North Face pink Verto jacket – it is always in my pocket. And my green Thermoball - I train, go out and sleep in this jacket! 

Fernanda Maciel - Aconcagua

Trail runner Fernanda Maciel follows the Mountain Athletics program to prepare for her goal: to attempt the fastest female ascent of Aconcagua, the highest summit of the Americas.


As a young girl growing up in Brazil, she originally trained as a gymnast and was competing in major competitions in the USA by the age of 10. She also learned martial arts from her father and grandfather, which gave her the mental toughness and self-discipline which would later become helpful in her running career. She switched to running at the age of 15 and loved the new sense of freedom and adventure it brought her.

After a period spent focusing on adventure racing, she moved into endurance running and enjoyed huge success, winning The North Face TDS Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in 2009, The North Face Transgrancanaria in 2012, The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail in 2011, the Everest Trail Race in 2013 and The North Face Endurance Challenge Brazil in 2015, as well as placing second in the Ultra Trail World Tour of 2014.

Having practiced as an environmental lawyer and helped with outdoor education through the Outward Bound International scheme, Fernanda brings a unique social and environmental perspective to the world of endurance running. Her biggest personal project, White Flow, has seen her complete a series of iconic runs which promote environmental and social issues around the world. In 2012 she ran 860km of the Camino de Santiago in ten days. She has since run in the favelas of Brazil, the mountains of Nepal and, most recently, on the peak of Aconcagua in Argentina.

In future years Fernanda wants to continue to marry her passion for running with her interest in environmental and social issues. She is looking forward to competing in the Skyrunning World Championships and the Ultra-Trail World Tour, as well as representing Brazil in global races. She will also develop her White Flow project to make important contributions along the way. It is in beautiful natural environments around the world that she feels most strong, most happy and most free, exploring new thoughts and new feelings with every run.  


Career Highlights


  • 1st The North Face Endurance Challenge Brazil
  • 1st Mission X3 Spain
  • 2nd The North Face Ultra Trail Mont Fuji 
  • 3rd The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail


  • 2nd World Cup – Ultra Trail World Tour
  • 2nd Ultra Trail Mont Fuji
  • 3rd The North Face Transgrancanaria
  • 3rd Australia The North Face 100
  • 4th Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB)


  • 1st Everest Trail Race (160km – 30.000mt+ -26hour)
  • 1st Red Bull Kirimbawa
  • 1st Catalunya Championship, K42 Barcelona Mountain Marathon
  • 1st Romanic Extreme, K21


  • Go Outside Magazine Award: Best Athlete Outsider (2013, 2009, 2006)
  • Carreras Por Montana, Desnivel. Best Project of the Year: “White Flow” (2012)
  • The Best Adventure Athlete in Brazil (Brazilian Conference) (2008)